The calvaria or norma verticalis is the outline of the skull as viewed from above. The border between the calvaria and the skull base passes through the squama occipitalis, angulus mastoideus ossis parietalis, pars squamosa ossis temporalis, ala major ossis sphenoidalis, and squama frontalis.

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Opening of orbit Latin terminology comments for opening of orbit
The base of the skull & calvaria (the cap of the skull)

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Norma verticalis or calvaria
The norma verticalis, or calvaria – an outline of the skull cap as viewed from above.
The list of terms: Frons – Forehead
Occiput Squama frontalis – Squama of frontal bone
Facies externa ossis parietalis – External surface of parietal bone
Sutura coronalis – Coronal suture
Sutura sagittalis – Sagittal suture
Sutura lambdoidea – Lambdoidal suture
Bregma Lambda Foramen parietale – Parietal foramen

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Internal surface of the calvaria
An internal surface of the calvaria. The bottom view.
The list of terms: Sinus frontalis – Frontal sinus
Sulcus sinus sagittalis superioris – Groove for superior sagittal sinus
Sulcus sinus transversi – Groove for transverse sinus
Protuberantia occipitalis interna – Internal occipital protuberance
Foramen parietale – Parietal foramen
Foveolae granulares – Granular pits (pacchionian granulations)
First published: Feb/2020
Last update: 14/Oct/2021