Fossa Temporalis

The temporal fossa localizes on the skull's lateral surface and is bordered by the superior temporal line from above and be the zygomatic arch – from below. Inferiorly fossa communicates with the infratemporal fossa. Another connection is a tiny zygomatic canal for the zygomatic nerve. An entrance to this canal from the temporal fossa is the foramen zygomatioctemporale.

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Temporal fossa
Bones, anatomical structures and connections of the temporal fossa.
The list of terms: Fossa temporalis – Temporal fossa
Fossa infratemporalis – Infratemporal fossa
Arcus zygomaticus – Zygomatic arch
Linea temporalis superior – Superior temporal line
Linea temporalis inferior – Inferior temporal line
Foramen zygomaticotemporale – Zygomaticotemporal foramen
Facies temporalis ossis temporalis – Temporal surface of the temporal bone
Facies temporalis ossis parietalis – Temporal surface of the parietal bone
Facies temporalis alae majoris ossis sphenoidalis – Temporal surface of the greater wing of sphenoid bone
Facies temporalis ossis frontalis – Temporal surface of the frontal bone
Facies temporalis ossis zygomatici – Temporal surface of the zygomatic bone
First published: Jan/2020
Last update: 18/Nov/2020