Anatomy Standard project is co-founded by:

Savlovskis Janis MD, head X-Ray with glasses
Jānis Šavlovskis MD, PhD
Interventional radiologist in Riga Paul Stradins University Hospital. Assistant Professor in the University of Latvia teaching human anatomy and radiology to medical students for more than ten years

Responsible for:
  • ⇾ DICOM data processing
  • ⇾ Anatomical precision
  • ⇾ Selection of anatomical variant
  • ⇾ Scientific evidence
  • ⇾ Text & image markup
  • ⇾ Web-design
  • ⇾ Web-site administration

Kristaps Raits, 3D-artist
Kristaps Raits
3D generalist with 10 years of professional experience and 4 of which specialising in medical visualisation and human anatomy

Responsible for:
  • ⇾ 3D asset creation
  • ⇾ Animation
  • ⇾ Design & development of software products